World TB Day: TB claims nearly 1.5 million lives every year

World TB Day is commemorated annually on 24 March to raise awareness around the epidemic.

FILE: People who attended the 2015 World TB Day march in Cape Town wore medical masks. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - World Tuberculosis (TB) Day is being commemorated around the globe today, under the banner "Unite to end TB".

This day is commemorated annually, on the 24 March, to create awareness around the epidemic that claims nearly 1.5 million lives each year - mostly in developing countries.

The South African National Tuberculosis association says the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and the Northern Cape are worst affected by the epidemic.

The association' Derick Esterhuizen says, "World TB Day is very important because this is the time in the year where everybody involved in the fight against TB makes a special effort to spread the news about TB and create awareness and also to test as many people as possible."