Collusion claims could shatter SA glass companies

The CCSA raided the offices of Shatterprufe, PG Glass, Glassfit and DigiCall.

FILE: The Competition Commission  raided the offices of four glass companies following claims of price fixing and collusion. Picture: Saps.

JOHANNESBURG - The Competition Commission of South Africa (CCSA) says it will be investigating alleged price fixing and collusion by South Africa's glass manufacturing and sales companies, following allegations that they conspired to fool insurance companies.

The commission yesterday raided the offices of Shatterprufe, PG Glass, Glassfit and DigiCall , searching for information about the alleged collusion.

The commission believes there is relevant information on the premises of the four firms.

A complaint was laid following a 2013 claim by independent glass fitting operators.

CCSA commissioner Thembinkosi Bonakele said, "We are quite confident about the case and yesterday was a major milestone in the investigation. We understand that they colluded in submitting prices to insurance companies because many drivers don't claim with insurance companies, it's insurance companies that claim so they coordinated that."

Editor's note: Earlier, the article stated incorrect name of one of the companies investigated. It stated that DigiCell had been raided but this is incorrect, as DigiCall was raided. We apologise for the errors. They have now been corrected.