Former MK commanders accused of trying to inspire mutiny

MKMVA leader Kebby Maphatsoe has lashed out at former MK commanders following their recent comments.

Head of the African National Congress' (ANC) military veterans league Kebby Maphatsoe. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - Head of the African National Congress' (ANC) military veterans league, Kebby Maphatsoe, has accused a collective of former MK commanders of trying to inspire mutiny within the ANC and says they do not represent the views of the Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKVMA) combatants.

Maphatsoe has lashed out at the collective of senior ANC members, saying they are conspiring with former youth league leader Ronald Lamola and some members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) to unseat President Jacob Zuma.

The MKMVA leader says he also doubts that the generals are active members of the ANC and has questioned their authority to speak out about political developments.

Maphatsoe says the outrage expressed by more than a dozen former MK commanders does not represent the views of the ANC's military wing.

"They are not the only ones who are commanders of Mkhonto we Sizwe, so they cannot claim to be representing the MKMVA. It shows people who are still backward."

Maphatsoe says there is a carefully crafted plan to discredit Zuma, involving these commanders.

"We can see this thing was planned. Lamola came the same day at St Georges. Some members of the NEC also raised the same concerns at the congress and we know that they are their friends."

He also says their call for a special ANC congress is not genuine.

"We take it that people want to cause mutiny."

Maphatsoe has also admitted that the Guptas have done business with the military veterans and insists there is nothing untoward about the relationship.

Former ANC military commanders said they're outraged by recent political developments within the ANC, which include the removal of Nhlanhla Nene as finance minister, the public spat between the Hawks and Pravin Gordhan and verbal attacks on the deputy finance minister.

In a letter, generals of the ANC's Umkhonto we Sizwe movement also call on the ANC to deal directly with the alleged Gupta family's influence over its leadership.

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