Police issue wanted notice for suspect after Brussels attacks

Belgian media carried pictures showing two people in black and a third person wearing a hat.

A screengrab of Brussels Airport after two explosions took place on Tuesday 22 March 2016. Picture: Youtube.

BRUSSELS - Police issued a wanted notice for a man suspected to be involved in today's bomb attacks at Brussels Airport.

A suicide bomber detonated explosives at the airport this morning and a short while later there was a separate bombing at a subway.

The attacks left at least 30 people dead.

Over 230 people are believed to have been injured in the blasts.

Calling for information, they issued a photograph of a man, dressed in a white shirt and jacket and wearing a dark hat, as he pushed a luggage trolley through the airport.

Broadcasters RTL and RTBF reported anti-terrorist police were carrying out searches in the Brussels district of Schaerbeek and Jette.

During the search authorities found a nail bomb, chemicals and an Isis flag.

There's been no further information provided by police on who the items belong to.

WATCH: Brussels bombings: Three explosions leave over 30 dead.


Meanwhile, Islamic State ( Isis) has claimed responsibility for the fatal Brussels blasts.

The extremist group released a statement saying Islamic fighters carried out a series of bombings with explosive belts and devices targeting the airport and central metro station.

The group says it's targeting Brussels because of its involvement in an international coalition against Isis, describing the suicide bomber as "a martyrdom bomber".

Terrorist analyst Paul Cruishank says it must be investigated whether the attacks were linked to the arrest of the mastermind behind the Paris mastermind Salah Abdesalam.

"Isis has now claimed responsibility for the attack. They haven't offered proof yet but they say they carry it out in revenge against Belgium for airstrikes against Isis in Iraq. The assumption is that the broader network that carried out the Paris attacks was also responsible for today's attacks."

Belgium has declared three days of national mourning following the attacks - this after it announced Brussels Airport would remain closed tomorrow.

The country has raised its terror alert level to four - the highest level on the terror scale.


Earlier, Belgium's Prime Minister, Charles Michel, labelled the attackers as "blind and cowardly".

Michel said government was deploying 225 extra troops to Brussels and the country raised its terror alert to the highest level.

"This means that there will be extra security measures. The border controls will be increased and there will also be more restrictions on public transport."

In the wake of the attacks, US President Barack Obama says his nation stands together with Brussels, Nato and the European union.

He's called for unity in the wake of the deadly terror attacks describing them as outrageous.

President Jacob Zuma also condemned the attacks.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said he was shocked and concerned by the attacks.

"The thoughts and prayers of the American people are with the Belgian people and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these attacks on innocent people."

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven described the blasts as "an attack against European democracy", while his Danish counterpart, Lars Rasmussen, labelled them a "despicable act".

French President Francois Hollande sent his condolences to the families of the victims and said all measures must be taken to ensure the safety of citizens.