Heartbreaking stories emerge after fatal Flydubai crash

Friends of those who died laid flowers in front of the Russian Embassy while prayer services are being held.

Relatives of the victims of the airplane crash speak with a Russian Emergency psychologist (L) at the airport in Rostov-on-Don on March 19, 2016. All sixty-two people on board a flydubai Boeing 737 were killed when the plane crashed and burst into flames as it was landing in Rostov-on-Don, in Southern Russia, on Saturday morning, officials said. The plane was making its second attempt to land in bad weather when it missed the runway, erupting in a huge fireball as it crashed and leaving debris scattered across a wide area. Picture: AFP.

DUBAI - Officials say it could take weeks for the investigation into Saturday's air disaster in southern Russia to be concluded.

The flight recorders of the Flydubai flight are badly damaged.

Although the airline says there's no suggestion of pilot error, there are questions as to why they made a second attempt to land when other carriers diverted amid poor weather conditions.

Three days after the crash and the stories of those on board the flight are emerging - each more heartbreaking than the next.

The wives of both the pilots were pregnant - the captain had already given notice and was due to move back to his hometown in Cyprus next month.

A Russian mother was returning with her daughter - the trip to Dubai had been a birthday present from her husband

And a selfie is circulating of a 25-year-old Ukrainian beautician who posted it from the flight before it took off.

Eyewitness News spoke with those who worked with her in her salon in Dubai - a candle and picture have been put on the table she sat at.

Three people missed the flight - one young woman overslept and is still in Dubai while a father in Russia lost his passport before the flight and so his wife travelled to Dubai with their friends without him.

In Dubai, friends of those who died have been laying flowers in front of the Russian Embassy and prayer services are being held.