‘Members who speak out against the Guptas will be protected politically’

Gwede Mantashe has encouraged members to alert his office about being approached by the Gupta family.

ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - The African National Congress (ANC)'s Secretary General Gwede Mantashe says party members who tell his office about any approaches from the Gupta family, will be protected politically.

He has told ANC members with claims to make against the family,, to approach his office so that the ANC can determine whether the Guptas have undue political influence.

Last week, Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas said the family had offered him the post of finance minister, while former government spokesperson Themba Maseko said President Jacob Zuma had told him to help the Guptas.

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Mantashe said people who explain what the Guptas have been doing will not face repercussions.

"Politically they will be protested, that is why we want them to come forward."

He said said it's wrong to take any action against those who have already spoken up.

"But you don't discipline people for doing the most honourable thing, to actually say to the organisation, there's a problem here. It's not done."

Mantashe said his office will investigate before the ANC's top six in the national working committee, then look at all the information presented.


At the same time, the ANC has lashed out at the president of its Women's and Youth Leagues for comments made during the party's National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting, saying they amount to ill-discipline.

The ANC held its three-day NEC in Centurion at the weekend and emerged reaffirming its full confidence in President Zuma.

ANC Women's League President Bathabile Dlamini said all the members of the ANC have small skeletons in their closet.

After Jonas revealed he met with the Gupta family, ANC Youth League president Collen Maine called for him to be removed.

Dlamini said if the secrets being hidden by NEC members were to be exposed, hell would break lose.

But Mantashe said those comments are unacceptable and amount to ill-discipline.

"It's a sign of ill-discipline, so this again it's one of those unfortunate statements. It's reflect the environment and the timing."

Mantashe said Maine is also out of line.

"If you've an issue, raise that in the ANC, it has structures that are very intact, you don't just shout it in a rally. That pronouncement by the president of the Youth League is falling in the category of ill-discipline."

The ANC has appealed to its members who are unhappy about the conduct of their comrades to approach the party's disciplinary committee.

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Mantashe yesterday said the party has full confidence in its President Zuma.

He said the NEC held "frank and robust discussions" on claims that the Gupta family had influence in the appointment of ministers, their deputies and other government positions.

"The appointment of ministers and deputy ministers is the sole prerogative of the president of the Republic, in line with the Constitution. To this end, the ANC continues to confirm its full confidence in our president."

Mantashe said people who have been approached by members of the Gupta family must come and speak to his office.

He also said that people who do that will be protected politically.

He said that no action will be taken against the people who have spoken up because they can't discipline someone who's done the honourable thing.

Mantashe added that they're not scared to confront the Guptas.

The general secretary said the party has mandated the NEC and officials to investigate all pertinent information about the Gupta family claims.