ANC to investigate Zuma's relationship with the Guptas

The party has urged anyone who has been approached by the family to come forward with information.

FILE. ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - African National Congress (ANC) Secretary General Gwede Mantashe says the party's investigation into the Guptas will establish whether President Jacob Zuma's relationship with the family has started a process of 'capture of the state'.

Yesterday, he announced that the ANC's National Executive Committee (NEC) had decided anyone who was approached by the family should contact his office, so the national working committee can investigate the claims.

The NEC has also demanded that tension between the Hawks and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan be resolved speedily.

Mantashe was asked if the ANC thought the president's relationship with the Gupta family was the start of the process of state capture.

He said, "The reason that we're establishing that avenue is to get concrete statements on people who are affected by it. When we get those statements, we'll actually establish truth from facts."

And he said the NEC wants the Hawks and Gordhan to stop fighting in public.

"It affirms its full confidence in the minister of finance and applauds the work of the president and the minister to boost confidence of the South African economy."

That may be a suggestion that the Hawks should drop their demand for Gordhan to answer 27 questions about a South African Revenue Services (Sars) unit he helped to create.


Mantashe yesterday said the party has full confidence in its President Zuma.

He said the NEC held "frank and robust discussions" on claims that the Gupta family had influence in the appointment of ministers, their deputies and other government positions.

"The appointment of ministers and deputy ministers is the sole prerogative of the president of the Republic, in line with the Constitution. To this end, the ANC continues to confirm its full confidence in our president."

Mantashe said people who have been approached by members of the Gupta family must come and speak to his office.

He also said that people who do that will be protected politically.

He said that no action will be taken against the people who have spoken up because they can't discipline someone who's done the honourable thing.

Mantashe added that they're not scared to confront the Guptas.

The general secretary said the party has mandated the NEC and officials to investigate all pertinent information about the Gupta family claims.