Zandspruit business owners devastated by vandalism during protests

A number of businesses in Zandspruit were forced to shut their doors after being targeted by angry protesters.

Zandspruit community members protest over service delivery and electricity connection issues on 17 March 2016. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Business owners in Zandspruit say they are devastated and frustrated after their businesses were vandalised during this week's protests.

At least two cars were set alight and several shops were ransacked on Wednesday night after the illegal electricity supply in the informal settlement was cut.

Hundreds of community members took to the streets from Tuesday night, saying they've not had electricity since Monday.

Eleven people were arrested yesterday for charges including public violence, malicious damage to property and robbery.

A number of businesses in Zandspruit have been forced to shut their doors after being targeted by angry protestors.

This shop owner said he has lost over half million rands worth of goods.

"Our offices have been ransacked, not one piece left. All our stuff stolen, everything! That's 20 years of work disappeared!" [sic]

The polices Kay Makhubela said police will once again be deployed to the area today.

"We'll be vigilant and we'll remain in the area until we're satisfied that everything is back to normal."

Resident say they will continue protesting until Eskom restores power to the informal settlement.