Still no figures for new Fifa boss’s salary

Gianni Infantino became the new Fifa head last month, but he says his salary has not yet been signed off.

New Fifa president Gianni Infantino. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - Fifa President Gianni Infantino says he doesn't know what his annual salary will be.

The Fifa president addressed the media in Zurich this afternoon after chairing his first executive committee meeting since being appointed as Sepp Blatter's successor.

Of the list of policy reforms that were passed last month, one that received the most interest was that of the disclosure of salaries for the president and all council members.

Infantino says his salary hasn't been signed off just yet.

"I have only had a very quick initial discussion that our three members of the compensation committee will have to discuss this with me. I didn't yet conclude this; this was not my priority. When this is fixed, you will know as well [but] for the moment it not yet fixed."