Zuma to take the hot seat at ANC NEC meeting

Former leaders say the NEC must deal with the allegations around the Guptas and President Zuma.

FILE: The Gupta family has categorically denied any wrongdoing. Picture: Supplied.

CENTURION - As the African National Congress' (ANC) 90-member National Executive (NEC) meeting gets underway in Centurion today, the party's former leaders say there can be no more delays in dealing decisively with allegations of 'state capture'.

Former ANC treasurer Mathews Phosa says he believes the Gupta family is using President Jacob Zuma to secure business deals and needs to be confronted.

Phosa says a judicial commission of inquiry must be established to determine the extent of the alleged state capture.

Phosa says the alleged influence of powerful business families in South Africa should be scrutinised and he supports the call for the commission.

He says the inquiry should reaffirm the right of the people to elect their leaders.

"We need a very serious judicial commission of inquiry to investigate not only the Guptas, but all others who may be involved in this illegal and corrupt activities of capturing the state. This is a serious matter, we are a democracy. You are in Parliament or Cabinet on the merit of the people and not of the Guptas or their friends or any other people."

Today's meeting takes place just two days after Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas claimed to have been offered the top finance job by the Guptas, shortly before Nhlanhla Nene was fired.

Phosa believes the Gupta family is using Zuma to secure business deals.

"I think this assertion is repeating itself ad nauseam. We're beginning to wonder whether those who say it is not true are themselves being genuine. I think it is true, and I think the Guptas must stop it."

WATCH: Zuma reacts to alleged 'Gupta appointments'

The Gupta family has categorically denied any wrongdoing.

Former ANC Youth League deputy president Ronald Lamola says the NEC has not adequately dealt with a range of different scandals surrounding Zuma.

He says they must use this opportunity to act.

"We are again going to see romantic resolutions on Monday not being decisive. The NEC must recall Jacob Zuma. That is the price that members of the NEC must pay."

He says the picket has not been organised by official ANC structures, only concerned members.

"We call upon on all members of the ANC to stand up so that the NEC does not continue to hide behind our name. They must isolate Jacob Zuma. It must be clear that Jacob Zuma is doing whatever shenanigans with the Guptas which is not in the mandate of the ANC."

The committee will receive a report from national officials about a meeting they had with the Guptas about alleged state capture and their acquisition of the Optimum Coal Mine.

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Mines has also called for an urgent investigation into allegations of state capture.

The Chamber of Mines Charmaine Russell, "It is most concerning to the chamber that there have been reports that mining companies are being placed under undue pressure by inappropriate section 93 and 54 notices. It certainly damages the industry and investor confidence in the industry."