Graca Machel discusses Fees Must Fall campaign

The former first lady says it’s not sustainable to implement free tertiary education in SA yet.

Nelson Mandela's widow Graca Machel. Picture: GCIS.

MAURITIUS - Former first lady Graca Machel has spoken out about the ' Fees Must Fall' campaign, saying it's not sustainable to implement free tertiary education in South Africa at this stage.

Machel, who is the chancellor of the University of Cape Town, is in Mauritius where she's been appointed chancellor of the newly opened African Leadership University.

About 180 sponsored students from across the African continent are studying there.

Machel says she is proud to be the chancellor of the African Leadership University in Mauritius because it offers students a new way of learning, in an African context.

The university aims to open 25 campuses across Africa.

Machel says in South Africa, there's a danger that the Fees Must Fall campaign will play against students.

"If we make a blind Fees Must Fall, the system will not afford it. We have to remember one thing, it's about the other millions of children who are in secondary and primary schools, because whilst you institutionalise, you have to keep it forever."

Machel and musician Hugh Masekela attended the grand opening on the island this week.