Parliamentary committee to decide future of Oudtshoorn flying school

A local organisation in Oudtshoorn has raised concerns about noise levels from the flying school.

Oudtshoorn sign. Picture: Facebook.

CAPE TOWN - A parliamentary committee is to decide on the future of an alleged illegal private flying school in Oudtshoorn.

Members of the Oudtshoorn Ratepayers' Association wrote to Parliament's select committee on petitions and executive endertakings complaining about the school, which trains commercial pilots for Chinese airlines.

The Oudtshoorn Ratepayers Association has complained, saying the local municipality has denied the public a proper participation process to voice their concerns about noise levels from the flying school.

But Oudtshoorn administrator Kam Chetty had told the committee a majority of residents support the flying school.

He says it is critical to the town's economy.

"In a depressed economy, particularly in small town like Oudtshoorn, this is a boom for us, so any attempt to create jobs and improve the livelihoods of people are critical."

The Civil Aviation Authority's Gawie Bestbier says the school meets all requirements relating to noise levels.