Safa describes Sedibe's claims as ‘absolute nonsense’

Safa's Poobalan Govindasamy says the body has not done anything wrong nor did it sabotage Sedibe.

Former South African Football Association (Safa) official, Leslie Sedibe, with his ttorney Stephen Thomson. Picture: Ziyanda Ngcobo/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The head of South African Football Association (Safa)'s Ethics Committee Poobalan Govindasamy has described as 'absolute nonsense' claims being made by former Safa boss Leslie Sedibe.

Yesterday, news broke that Sedibe and others have been banned by Fifa after their role in fixing matches in the build up to the 2010 World Cup.

Sedibe, who is now in charge of Proudly South Africa, held a briefing late yesterday during which he maintained he is innocent, and the ban is a sham.

He has questioned the fairness and independence of Fifa's probe while suggesting possible sabotage from Safa, claiming they withheld crucial documents.

This morning, Govindasamy said Safa has not done anything wrong and did not sabotage Sedibe or destroy any crucial documents.

"Why should we, four years later, after reporting the matter to Fifa, now want to defend ourselves because we prejudiced someone in an investigation? We would not do that. Our name was brought into disrepute and we suffered as a result. Why should we now hide and destroy information? That doesn't make sense."

Sedibe says he believes he is now the 'fall guy' for the various scandals that have plagued Fifa.

Fifa also imposed two-year bans on former referees Steve Goddard and Adeel Carelse.

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