'Being crowned Mrs World is an overwhelming achievement'

Candice Abrahams is back home after being crowned Mrs World at the weekend.

Candice Abrahams. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - Newly crowned Mrs World, Candice Abrahams, says being the first South African to receive the international crown is an overwhelming achievement.

Abrahams was welcomed home by a crowd at the OR Tambo International Airport this morning after competing for the Mrs World title in China at the weekend.

"It's a really big deal, it's exciting. I am so excited I have got so much planned and, being a mom and a wife, I am incredibly proud to take on the country and show you what I have to offer."

Standing next to Mrs Poland at the pageant, Abrahams said she was surprised to be in the top two.

"I couldn't have chosen a better a first runner-up. Mrs Poland walked in a shy humble contestant and she was actually intimidated but I literally groomed her and I stood on stage that night and I didn't realise that… 'Wow did I just groom her to win'?"

She speaks of how she went as far as helping her competition with her makeup.

"Not to float my own boat, but the judges came up to me and they said that's what shined through as warm heart and they saw that in my eyes. If ever there was a time that I didn't feel encouraged by myself was standing on stage as Mrs World I realised that I have something powerful here and I just want to encourage the youth to be that way."

She is currently at work to get a number of projects off the ground including the supply of stationary to a group of 1,000 school children.

Abrahams says she hopes to reach triple the amount of children she has set out to help.

"My entire Mrs World journey… I was that girl that said I am here, not for a competition; if I can walk away making one person feel special, which I did many, that was my goal. I actually didn't do this to win, I went to win hearts and souls."

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She is currently building a grooming school for young girls in an aims to build on their self-confidence and has received the much-needed support from her husband and children and says she is relieved to be home.

"It's been two weeks and I am normally a hands-on mom but I have to say my husband has been the best support ever. If there was ever a time our marriage was tested it was the last two weeks, he played mommy. I missed my family and I can't wait to get home and cook them some healthy food because I know my husband."

Mrs World Candice Abrahams is welcomed home by her family on Tuesday 15 March. Picture: Kgothatso Mogale/ EWN