Mi Casa in dispute over 'Chocolat' song

The group says recent claims that it stole the single from a Durban rapper are false.

An image taken on set during the shooting of Mi Casa's music video, 'Chocolat'. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG- Mi Casa's management says it plans on taking 'firm action' against a Durban rapper who has accused the house band of stealing one of his songs.

Novendran Naidoo made entertainment headlines on Monday claiming he had presented the band's lead singer Joao da Fonseca with a letter of demand earlier this month threatening to sue them for copyright infringement.

In a letter allegedly written through his lawyers, Naidoo requests that the trio stop playing, publishing, performing or airing the 2015 single Chocolat because it bears striking similarities to his own production titled Chocolate.

Listen: Mi Casa's Chocolat

Da Fonseca who is better known as 'J'Something' has refuted the claims and says he has no knowledge of the letter and has never met Naidoo.

"After seeing these allegations I am extremely hurt that someone would accuse me of something I take very personally, which is my song writing. When you listen to the song they sound nothing the same. I have never stolen a song, never heard the song before this and will never listen to it again."

In a statement from 34 Music, his management says, "He had travelled to Durban for the East Coast Radio GIBS Business Breakfast where he was a guest speaker. In light of his flight schedule, J'Something did not and could not have received the demand letter from Novendran in Durban as he had stated. We at SJN Agency and 34 Music are dealing with this manner with the utmost of care, and are currently in talks with our legal advisors. We plan on taking firm action against the misplaced assertions by Mr Naidoo."