Sedibe threatens Fifa with court action

Sedibe has questioned the fairness & independence of Fifa's probe & has suggested possible sabotage from Safa.

Leslie Sedibe. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Former South African Football Association (Safa) CEO Leslie Sedibe says he will meet Fifa in court after the football body banned him for five years and slapped him with a fine following its investigation into match fixing.

Sedibe has been banned for unethical behaviour relating to three international friendlies in the run up to the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Fifa also imposed two-year bans on former referees Steve Goddard and Adeel Carelse.

Sedibe has questioned the fairness and independence of Fifa's probe while suggesting possible sabotage from Safa, claiming they withheld crucial documents.

"Somebody at Fifa itself had to find a scapegoat, and that scapegoat is Leslie Sedibe."

He says he believes he is now the 'fall guy' for the various scandals that have plagued Fifa.

"These allegations came as no surprise to me."

He says Safa withheld vital information needed for him to be able to respond to the allegations made against him.

"Yet Fifa in its own infinite wisdom - because they think they own the world and they think that they can do whatever they want wherever they go - then says I must give it documents."

The Proudly South African CEO maintains he has not been given an adequate opportunity to prove his innocence and says he will have his day in court to prove it, if need be.

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Sedibe says he will not pay the over R310,000 fine imposed by Fifa, because he was not given a fair chance to prove his innocence.

He says the findings by Fifa against him are nothing short of a Kangaroo Court.

"For as long as there is an inquiry, which is impartial and independent, I will definitely support such an inquiry."

Sedibe has also questioned why Safa failed to mention that he has previously been exonerated of all match-fixing allegations.

"This begs the question, why did Safa not publically disclose the fact that the police have indeed investigated this matter and that the National Prosecuting Authority had taken a decision not to prosecute."

He says he has left the football world and will not comment on questions related to the current state of Safa and soccer as a whole.

Meanwhile, Safa has welcomed the sanctions imposed on the former official.