UPDATE: Cops allegedly mistook McDonald’s workers for Kuils River robbers

It’s emerged police did not give fair warning before shooting & killing two McDonald’s employees.

Police on the scene of a shooting in which four people were killed in Kuils River on Monday 14 March 2016. Picture: Monique Mortlock/EWN

CAPE TOWN - It's emerged that police gave chase to a taxi overnight without giving fair warning before shooting and killing two McDonald's workers.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) is investigating the case where four people have been fatally shot and three injured during a police chase.

#KuilsRiverShooting Many bullet casings to mark by investigators on the crime scene near Kuils River train station. pic.twitter.com/j6jQQQrfby

The shootings follow an overnight robbery that took place at a filling station in Kuils River.

Police are on the scene in Hindle Road inspecting the vehicle that had been transporting McDonald's employees.

The mini-bus taxi is riddled with bullet holes and its driver is among the three who were wounded during the shooting.

A witness who knows driver, says the man was too scared to stop for police last night.

She says he thought he was being targeted by hijackers and tried to drive to the nearest police station.

Officers then apparently shot out the tyres, forcing him to stop.

Police then opened fire again, killing two people in the taxi.

An onlooker says he witnessed the shooting.

"The police were chasing a van up Hindle Road. As I approached the scene, I saw the police and all the people outside McDonalds that were lying on the ground and ladies screaming 'We are McDonald's workers!' When they'd realised what they'd done there were two people killed in the van. The van is still standing there."

#KuilsRiverShooting Nooiensfontein Road has been closed between the station and the Danarand four-way stop. pic.twitter.com/dbH5vCAsUp

Ipid's Robbie Raburabu says the matter is now the subject on an investigation by the directorate.

"After the robbery took place, they chased after the vehicle. While they were chasing the vehicle another came onto the scene and I think there was a mistake, and then the vehicle that had allegedly been transporting McDonald's staff got caught in the crossfire."


During a similar incident last month, police officers allegedly opened fire on a taxi in the Du Noon area as they believed the vehicle had been used in an ATM robbery.

However, the taxi was transporting a group of Nando's workers at the end of their shift when the shooting occurred.

One woman was killed, while another was wounded.

Nando's hired forensic scientist David Klatzow to investigate the shooting.