Maties student speaks out against management

The student is annoyed with management’s ‘lack of action’ against protesters on campus.

Students were unable to get food from the Neelsie student centre as a group of outsourced workers protested inside and locked down the centre on 11 February 2016. Picture: Nation Nyoka.

CAPE TOWN - A Stellenbosch University student says he is annoyed at the apparent lack of action by university officials to stop disruptions by outsourced workers on campus.

The student claims there's no food at some residences and Maties officials are doing nothing about it.

Students have also not been able to get food at the Neelsie student centre as there's a group of about 30 outsourced workers protesting inside.

Marshals have locked the Neelsie down and have only been letting people out.

Engineering student Albert Notnagel says university officials are apathetic.

"The residence has no food. I came here for lunch today I can't get lunch. It is just clear to me that the university really does not have the students as a priority."

Yesterday, a handful of demonstrators started a fire inside an admin building.

#Stellenbosch University is assessing the damage to the institution following a chaotic protest last night. RE

A car was also torched.

The university estimates the damage caused by protesters last night is in the region of R300,000.

Firefighters were called to the university after a handful of demonstrators started a fire inside an administration building and set a car alight.

It's understood the protest is related to the issue of outsourcing.