Khayelitsha organisations rally together to fight crime

This comes after the body of 19-year-old Sinoxolo Mafevuka was body found in a communal toilet.

Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu with Sinoxolo Mafevuka's mother Nowethu Mafevuka. Picture: Monique Mortlock/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Several Khayelitsha organisations are coming together in an effort to address crime in the township.

The murder of 19-year-old Sinoxolo Mafevuka, whose body was body found in a communal toilet in Town Two, is the latest incident to shock the community.

The Khayelitsha Safety and Security Forum, together with the community police forums, are meeting over the weekend to discuss plans to intensify the fight against crime.

It's also aimed at strengthening relations between the community police forums, the municipality and the provincial government.

The forum's Boyce Lennox says Khayelitsha police need help.

"People on the ground, they have certain information because they see these things and experience it. We can talk about the way forward, we can form a partnership with the people in the community, the police and government. Also the people can assist in the fight against crime."

Earlier today, police said the murder investigation was at an advanced stage.

Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu urged detectives to prioritise their investigation.

Sotyu has asked police to give more attention to the case.

"I told the police to change because you can't just communicate on one case and leave this other stage behind, even if you have no arrests people must know that there is something that they're doing. It seems as if the police didn't do that."

Sinoxolo's family said they were disappointed with the way in which police have handled the investigation.