Sindisiwe Manqele sentenced to 12 years in jail for Flabba's murder

Manqele has been sentenced to 12 years for killing her rapper boyfriend Nkululeko 'Flabba' Habedi.

Convicted killer Sindisiwe Manqele. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Sindisiwe Manqele has been sentenced to 12 years behind bars for the 9 March 2015 killing of her rapper boyfriend, Skwatta Kamp member Nkululeko 'Flabba' Habedi.

Judge Solly Sithole sentenced Manqele in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge today.

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Sithole cited the fact that Manqele tried to perform CPR after stabbing Flabba, never fled the scene and her personal circumstances, as the reasons that compelled him to impose a lighter sentence.

#Flabba Sithole: this confrontation reached fever pitch. This confrontation makes both of you victims. MR

Sithole said he would show Manqele mercy.

#Flabba Sithole: u can be assured that this court is going to show u mercy. This will become apparent in the sentence I'm going to oppose.MR

Manqele was found guilty of killing Habedi in December last year after she had stabbed the rapper.

Yesterday marked exactly a year since he was found dead in his bedroom at his Alexandra home.

Manqele initially testified that she stabbed her boyfriend in self-defence, but the presiding judge dismissed her version of events, saying the amount of force she used to plunge a steak knife into his chest, showed intent to kill.

#Flabba Sithole: the court arrived at the decision that you acceded the bounds of private Defence. MR

The defence is trying to obtain bail for Manqele, as they prepare to apply for leave to appeal the conviction and sentence.

Habedi's family and friends walked out of the courtroom with tears in their eyes, some shook their heads.

His teenage daughter, Lesego, walked out of court and hugged her three-year-old brother, Tshegofatso.


Manqele presented her account of the attack in September last year.

She told the court that Flabba's jealousy and rage is what led to an altercation between them moments before his death.

Manqele said he was the aggressor on the night of his death and had become verbally abusive towards her after seeing her speaking to another man at a nightclub in Sandton, where he gave his last performance.

But friends of the musician testified that Manqele was upset when Flabba's ex-girlfriend, known as 'Kea', joined them for drinks and had a brief conversation with her a former lover.

A forensic pathologist testified that Manqele used 'considerable force' when she stabbed Habedi.

Dr Thandi Mahuluhulu examined Habedi's body last year.

Mahuluhulu told the court the stab wound was 10 centimetres into the rapper's chest and adds the knife went through his rib, piercing his heart.

Judge Sithole said it was a crime of passion and a relationship characterised by unhealthy disputes.


Yesterday, Manqele's probation officer recommended she serve a sentence of correctional supervision for Habedi's murder.

Correctional Services official Medhurst Mapitsa told the court that Manqele was a suitable candidate for correctional supervision.

He said Manqele was a first time offender, that she had shown remorse and emotion during interrogation, and never violated her bail conditions.

The defence pushed for a jail sentence of under 15 years.

It's understood both Manqele's parents died and she is the only child alive.

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