Pikitup brings in outside help to clean JHB CBD, surrounding areas

About 3,500 municipal workers affiliated to Samwu embarked on a work stoppage due to salary disputes.

FILE: Rubbish piles up on Louis Botha Avenue due to the ongoing strike action by Piki Tup. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Pikitup says it has instructed a third party contractor to help deal with the refuge backlog in Johannesburg since workers went on an unprotected strike.

About 3,500 municipal workers affiliated to South African Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) embarked on a work stoppage over issues with salaries yesterday.

Workers who had not returned to their posts by noon will now face dismissal.

Pikitup boss Amanda Nair says it is extremely costly to bring in third party contractors to clean the city, but they are left with no other option.

Nair says the main priority now is to clean the city as soon as possible.

"A city that is not clean is a city that is vulnerable to disease and health hazards."

It is the fourth time that workers embarked on an unprotected strike since a political agreement was reached to address grievances over claims of salary disparities last year.