Nigeria's national assembly wants MTN to pay $3.9bn fine

The assembly says the $250 million paid by MTN as a ‘down payment’ is not good enough.

A photograph made available on 22 February 2016 shows people walking in front of a mobile money transfer shop for MTN and Airtel lines in Kampala, Uganda, 17 February 2016. EPA/Dai Kurokawa.

NIGERIA - The lower chamber of Nigeria's national assembly has insisted that MTN pay the $3.9 billion fine for not deactivating unregistered sim cards.

Earlier this week, President Jacob Zuma visited the country where the fine was discussed along with other issues.

The telecommunication committee chairperson says the $250 million paid by MTN as a down payment during out of court negotiations with the federal government is not good enough.

The national assembly house committee on telecommunication is not happy that the house committee was excluded by the federal government in the negotiation process on a possible reduction of fine imposed on MTN.

Saheed Akinade-Fijabi is the national assembly house committee chairman on telecommunications.

"Somebody went ahead to reduce the fine and now somebody is taking the lead in negotiations, which is not right. In all these issues that have been going on, the national assembly hasn't been taken into consideration at all, which shouldn't be."