#ZephanyNurse trial: Closing arguments expected today

The 51-year-old accused maintains she’s innocent & was not aware that she had been given the child illegally.

Morne Nurse, the biological father of Zephany Nurse, addresses the media outside the Western Cape High Court on 8 March 2016. Picture: Aletta Harrison/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Closing arguments are expected to be presented today in the trial against the Lavender Hill woman accused of abducting Zephany Nurse nearly two decades ago.

The 51-year-old accused, who may not be named to protect Zephany's real identity, is on trial in the Western Cape High Court.

She has denied snatching the child from her mother at Groote Schuur Hospital in April 1997.

The accused has maintained her innocence throughout the trial and has insisted she thought she had legally adopted Zephany, with the help of a woman known only as Sylvia.

But the state has argued that the Lavender Hill resident kidnapped Zephany because she was afraid her husband, who was her boyfriend at the time, would leave her if he found out she had miscarried.

The accused admitted to lying to her family about being pregnant in 1997.

She said she didn't go to the authorities as she believed the child's biological mother didn't want her.

Judgment is expected to be delivered by Thursday.


The accused does'nt have an alibi to corroborate her claim that she was at home on the day the child was snatched.

Judge John Hlophe asked the accused if anyone would testify that she was at home on the day Zephany was snatched from her sleeping mother's arms.

But the accused said her mother and a neighbour are the only two people who had seen her on the day.

They have both since died.

Hlophe also asked the accused why a witness known as Mrs Piet, would lie about seeing her at hospital on 29 and 30 April 1997.

The accused told the court she saw Mrs Piet at the ID parade for the very first time last year.

She insisted Mrs Piet identified her, only because she had seen a photo of her beforehand.


The State and the Defence are expected to make closing arguments today.

The NPA's Eric Ntabazalila said he's positive the State has done all it can to secure a conviction.

"Both parties have closed their case; we've put our evidence before the court and the defence has put its evidence before the court."