Sindisiwe Manqele's probation officer recommends correctional supervision

She murdered her rapper boyfriend Nkululeko 'Flabba' Habedi exactly a year ago.

Convicted killer Sindisiwe Manqele sits in the dock during her sentencing at the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Convicted killer Sindisiwe Manqele's probation officer has recommended she serve a sentence of correctional supervision for the 2015 murder of Nkululeko 'Flabba' Habedi.

Today marks exactly a year since she stabbed her rapper boyfriend to death in the bedroom of his Alexandra home.

Sentencing proceedings began in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge this morning.

Correctional Services official, Medhurst Mapitsa, told the court that Manqele was a suitable candidate for correctional supervision.

He said Manqele was a first time offender, that she had shown remorse and emotion during interrogation, and never violated her bail conditions.

He said if the court sentenced Manqele to correctional supervision, there were conditions Manqele would have to adhere to.

"The accused will be subjected to monitoring at a place and time as determined by the national commissioner for correctional services. The accused will be subjected to house detention for the duration of the supervision period. She must perform 16 hours of community service per month. She is prohibited from using drugs and alcohol."

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Manqele initially testified that she stabbed her rapper boyfriend in self-defence, but the presiding judge dismissed her version of events, saying the amount of force she used to plunge a steak knife into his chest, showed intent to kill.

She has been out on R15,000 bail since December.

Habedi's daughter Lesego was present in court today, sitting alongside family members and wearing a black cap.

The defence is pushing for a jail sentence of under 15 years.


Meanwhile, a criminologist today told the court it was highly improbable that Manqele killed Habedi intentionally.

Zain Halle, a criminologist who has assessed Manqele, says she stabbed Habedi once in the chest which proves she didn't intend to kill the musician.

Halle says Manqele has shown remorse and should therefore not serve time.

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"Ms Manqele does not display characteristics that are of criminal intent and she is furthermore viewed as a very low risk for re-offending."

But judge Solly Sithole addressed Halle saying there is a difference between remorse and regret, and that saying sorry was simply not enough.

Flabba's mother, Agatha, and his teenage daughter, Lesego, sat directly behind Manqele.

They shook their heads through the testimony of all three defence witnesses who took the stand today.

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Sentencing proceedings will resume in the High Court in Palm Ridge tomorrow.