#ZephanyNurse trial: Biological relatives label accused a liar

Relatives of Zephany Nurse’s biological family say they’re not buying the accused’s claims.

Zephany Nurse's mother Celeste makes her way to the Western Cape High Court. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Family and friends of Zephany Nurse's biological parents believe a woman accused of abducting her is lying in court.

Under cross-examination, the 51-year-old accused has denied snatching the girl from Groote Schuur Hospital in 1997 when she was just an infant.

Relatives of Zephany's biological family say they're not buying the accused's claims.

The state yesterday accused the 51-year-old of ordering the child and paying R3,000 for her.

But the accused maintained she thought she was going to sign more adoption papers on the day she received three-day-old Zephany.

She testified she was instead handed the infant by an unknown woman at the Wynberg Train Station.

When the prosecution asked why she did not go to the police after receiving the child, the accused told the court she was afraid no one would believe her and thought she would be arrested.

The 51-year-old claimed to have first met Sylvia at Tygerberg Hospital in 1996.

She said the woman promised to help her with fertility problems and adoption.

Another witness, Groote Schuur Hospital nurse Gertude Hanslo, told the court she can't remember the identity of the woman she had seen in the hospital on that day.

Cross-examination of the accused continues today.