Lindiwe Zulu assures SA of solution amid tough economic times

Rising inflation, leading to higher food, housing and power prices has seen many people complaining.

South African Minister of Small Business Development Lindiwe Zulu. Picture: United Nations.

JOHANNESBURG - Small Business Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu says government knows most South Africans are feeling poorer and it has a plan to help them.

Rising inflation, leading to higher food, housing and power prices has seen many people complaining they can no longer feed their families.

Zulu says they know life is getting tougher for most people.

"Government has a plan to see how it can cut on its own expenditure so that whatever resources are being saved, they can go into infrastructure development."

She also says government is talking to business.

"It's about … what do we do? Now that we have opened this relationship and strengthening this relationship. What are we going to do to prove to our people that we have them at heart?"

But government hasn't yet said whether it'll change economic policies to help businesses create more jobs.


Meanwhile, the minister says she's comfortable with Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's explanation of his dispute with Sars commissioner Tom Moyane and that everyone should accept what he's said.

Ten days ago Gordhan said that Moyane's refusal to stop re-structuring Sars was outrageous and then said questions sent to him by the Hawks about a Sars unit he helped to create were designed to intimidate him before his budget.

Zulu says she's comfortable with the way Gordhan has explained his side of the Sars issue.

"We are comfortable with his explanation and everyone should be comfortable with it. Let's see what happens next because at the end of the day it's about engaging. If we all have one interest - it's serving the people of South Africa."

Zulu also says that issues like this can be side-shows that distract people.

She says President Jacob Zuma is now dealing with the issue and should be given space to resolve it.