Typhoid fever spreads in Zim capital

One death and over 400 suspected cases have been recorded in Harare so far.

A photomicrograph of the ‘Salmonella typhi’ bacteria, which is the cause of typhoid fever. Picture: CDC.

ZIMBABWE - Health officials in Zimbabwe say Typhoid fever is spreading in the capital Harare, with one death and more than 400 suspected cases recorded so far.

The latest figures are a huge increase from the six cases first reported in January.

According to state media, the Typhoid fever death was reported in the informal settlement of Hopley, west of the city.

Several other western suburbs have been affected and so far more than 400 suspected cases of the disease have been recorded.

Worryingly, the Herald is reporting that two cases of Typhoid fever were recorded last week at 'KwaMereki', a popular food outlet that had to be temporarily shut down during a Typhoid fever outbreak in 2012.

In a statement, the health ministry is warning residents and visitors in affected areas to be careful about where they get their food and water.