#CycleTour2016 'a major success'

The highlight of the race according to many was the all-South African men’s podium.

Elite men at the start of the 39th annual Cape Town Cycle Tour on 6 March 2016. Picture: Carl Lewis/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town Cycle Tour race director David Bellairs said the highlight of the race was the all-South African men's podium.

Bellairs labeled yesterday's 39th annual event a major success.

He described it as a fantastic day which saw local boy Clint Hendricks claim his first elite men's cycle tour win.

The 39th annual race attracted 35,000 cyclists which included over 4,000 international participants and has firmly entrenched itself as a marquee event on the mother city calendar.

The event is the largest timed race in the world and one of the most prestigious races a South African pro can win.

Bellairs said it was a great day for Cape Town cycling.

"What stood out for me was having all local Cape Town guys. Guys that I've known for years taking on against some of the best mountain bikers, who've cleaned up at the tour of Good Hope last week. I'm really pleased with the way it has gone."

Some among the cyclists described the 109 km event as grueling, thrilling and a family affair.

#CycleTour2016 Just In: Clint Hendricks is the winner of the 39th annual Cape Town Cycle Tour. pic.twitter.com/ByLaIZqqzL

#CycleTour2016 Mens podium: 1. Clint Hendricks 2. Jayde Julius 3. Nolan Hoffman. pic.twitter.com/RkCCRSz8eT

#CycleTour2016 Second placed Jayde Julius. pic.twitter.com/NLBE5CW6pq

Hendricks was crowned champion after a time of time of 02:35:35, while An-Li Kachelhoffer came in first in the women's race.

#CycleTour2016 Everyone's favourite part... pic.twitter.com/6TzdhxYapv

#CycleTour2016 Just In: An-Li Kacheloffer is the winner of the Elite Women's race. pic.twitter.com/h6Vmmf9sgb

After a 14-year break from the tour, Anton Grotius and his wife Trudy were back in the saddle yesterday.

"I had to postpone because of various reasons since 1992, so I'm glad that I took the decision last year to sign up and do it.

Wife Trudy also said it's an honour to be taking part in the race, especially with her whole family.

"It's a family thing because my daughter also cycles, so now it's mom, dad and daughter that did it. But it's amazing, it's a privilege health wise to do it."