SA's Clint Hendricks wins #CycleTour2016

South African Clint Hendricks has won the 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour.

South Africa's Clint Hendricks won the 2016 CT Cycle Tour in a time of 2:35:35. Picture: Carl Lewis/EWN

CAPE TOWN - South African Clint Hendricks came out as the winner in a thrilling sprint finish as he claimed his first ever Cape Town Cycle Tour win in a time of 02:35:35.

#CycleTour2016 Just In: Clint Hendricks is the winner of the 39th annual Cape Town Cycle Tour.

He was closely followed by Julius Jade and second time and defending champion Nolan Hoffman was placed third.

It was a superb day for South African cyclists as all three podium finishers were from the host country.

In the women's elite race An-Li Kachelhoffer was the winner as she capped off her fine season with her first ever Cycle tour win with a time of 02:51:26.

#CycleTour2016 Just In: An-Li Kacheloffer is the winner of the Elite Women's race.

Lynette Burger finished second and third placed went to Adrian Vera as they completed the race in a congested field littered with both men's cyclists and tandem bikers.

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