JHB Zoo issues stern warning to those who don't come to work

City Parks says any of its employees who don’t return to work on Monday could face disciplinary action.

School children were left stranded outside of Johannesburg Zoo amid a strike by workers over salaries on 4 March 2016. Picture: Thando Kubheka/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg City Parks says any of its employees who do not return to work tomorrow morning could face disciplinary action.

The zoo shut its gates on Friday morning, when workers downed tools over what is understood to be a wage dispute.

According to City Parks, more than 300 volunteers have offered their assistance in order to keep the zoo operational over the weekend.

City Parks' spokesperson Jenny Moodley said, "We understand that employees have every right to voice their concern however there are critical services that need to be rolled out at the zoo. We need our employees to regroup and recommit to make sure they are at work on Monday morning."