#Elections2016: Last day of special registration weekend

People can register or check their details at voting stations across the country from 8am-5pm.

IEC Voting generic. Picture: Lauren Isaacs/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - South Africans have another opportunity to register for the municipal elections at voting stations across the country.

A total of 22,500 stations will be fully operational until 5pm today to allow eligible voters to register or check and update their details.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) says about nine million South Africans aren't registered.

There's still one hour to go before this station opens to the public.

It's one of the largest voting stations in Johannesburg with about 10 and a half thousand registered voters.

IEC officials have tried to encourage some people to register at nearby stations to bring the numbers down so that there aren't long queues on voting day as it has been in the past.

The registration process started off slowly yesterday, but may pick up later today.

The IEC's Sy Mamabolo says they've only set down this weekend for registrations.

"This is the weekend to register but beyond this weekend our offices will be open for continues registering. It will be during office hours, Monday to Friday."

Meanwhile, police have been deployed to Denver South of Johannesburg this morning to monitor the situation after voter registration was interrupted yesterday amid ongoing tensions by hostel dwellers.

Residents of the George Goch and Denver hostels are angry over the incorporation of their hostels into a different ward ahead of the local government elections.

Earlier this week, protests erupted which saw two vehicles being torched and 38 people arrested.

Yesterday voter registration was forced to open due to intimation from angry residents.

Police are maintaining a strong presence in Denver this morning to ensure that residents are safe as day two of voter registration kicks-off.

Temporary registration stations had to be set up outside the Denver hostel yesterday after angry protesters intimidated officials and community members.

IEC officials were prevented from entering the hostels as residents are angry that ward 65 has been incorporated with ward 118 allegedly without any consultation.

This resulted in voter registration stations opening a few hours late and prevented some residents from getting an opportunity to register.

It remains to be seen if the situation will improve today.