#Elections2016: Day 2 of voter registration underway

Voting stations across the country are now open and will close at 5pm.

IEC officials prepare to receive people registering to vote at the Orlando West Secondary School in Soweto. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN

JOHANNESBURG/CAPE TOWN - The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has called on an estimated nine million unregistered voters to use the day to register for this year's local government elections.

A total of 22,500 stations will be fully operational until 5pm today.

IEC officials have now set up two temporary registration stations in Denver to enable residents to take part in the upcoming local government elections.

Registration was interrupted yesterday when protestors intimidated IEC officials and community members.

Residents of the George Goch and Denver hostels are angry over the incorporation of their hostels into a different ward ahead of the local government elections.

Two vehicles were torched last week and 38 people arrested when protests erupted.

The registration stations in Denver opened slightly late today as IEC officials had to set up temporary structures.

Ntebaleng Maripane is the IEC's presiding officer in Denver, he says while they are concerned about their safety, they are comforted by the police presence.

"We think we are in safe hands because the police are on guard."

He says tensions in the area have hugely affected voter turnout.

"They threatened them that if they come to register or to check their names on the voters roll, they will be targeted at a later stage."

Hostel dwellers are angry that they were not consulted about a new demarcation and want the decision to move them to a different ward to be scrapped.

Meanwhile, registration is proceeding smoothly in the Johannesburg CBD.

There are many people passing by, saying they've already registered and will only be back on voting day.

It's one of the largest voting stations in Johannesburg with about 10,500 registered voters.

Meanwhile, residents across the city have expressed the importance of casting their vote during the upcoming elections.

"It's important because if you don't vote you are not going to be heard. You must choose the party that you want to lead you," said one woman.

"I think from the highest level of society right down to the poor people, there's been shockwaves throughout the country and this is just one small step to try to restore some balance."

Service delivery, electricity and housing are just some of the issues that residents across the city are raising concerns about.

Meanwhile, registration is also proceeding smoothly in Cape Town.

An IEC official from Green Point says, "They've been going really well. The fact that people can walk to our area and they're not affected by the Argus Cycle Tour has worked quite well in our favour. Yesterday we registered 262 new voters."