Specialised services unaffected by #JoburgZoo strike

Workers at the zoo have embarked on an unprotected strike over salaries.

School children were left stranded outside of Johannesburg Zoo amid a strike by workers over salaries on 4 March 2016. Picture: Thando Kubheka/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg City Parks says an employee strike at the Johannesburg Zoo has not affected any of its specialised services.

The zoo was forced to close its doors yesterday due to the unprotected strike, leaving many school children and other visitors stranded outside.

Disgruntled workers have been urged to take their salary issues up with the bargaining council.

In the meantime, the zoo has secured an interdict against the strike, but says it will open this weekend with or without the workers.

Spokesperson Jenny Moodley says affected services are being handled by volunteers.

"The hospital and some of the key points have not been affected, but again the basic issues, for instance; cleaning up and ensuring that food packs are completed for their required diets. We need a whole kitchen full of people for that."

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