Gender Equality Commission welcomes sentencing of #DonaldSebolai

Anti-gender violence activists hope Sebolai's sentence will serve as a deterrent for other men.

Convicted killer Donald Sebolai sentenced to 20 years. Picture: Mia Lindeque/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Anti-gender violence activists have welcomed the 20-year sentence handed down to convicted killer Donald Sebolai saying its fair and will serve as a deterrent for other men.

Sebolai stabbed Dolly Tshabalala in his Soweto flat during an argument in 2014.

He left her to die while he cleaned the blood-stained floor and hid the murder weapon.

The Commission of Gender Equality's Javu Baloyi says there are better ways to resolve disputes between partners.

"Sit down and sort it out than to lose tempers. Tempers can lead to regret. You'll find yourself in a position that Donald Sebolai is now in."

Judge Cassim Moosa says gender-based violence is unacceptably high.

"Domestic violence has become a scourge in our society and should not be treated lightly."

Sebolai has given his lawyers instructions to apply leave to appeal both judgment and sentence.