Saru fully backs CEO Jurie Roux

This after allegations against Roux in a report on the funding of Stellenbosch University Rugby Club.

FILE: Jurie Roux, CEO of the South African Rugby Union. Picture: EPA/KIM LUDBROOK.

JOHANNESBURG - The Executive Council of SA Rugby earlier announced that Jurie Roux would retain its unanimous support to continue in his role as the organisation's CEO, confirming a decision the Council had first taken in 2014.

The announcement was made after SA Rugby sought expert legal opinion in the wake of renewed reporting of allegations against Roux contained in a report on the funding of Stellenbosch University Rugby Club.

Advocate SA Cilliers SC and Professor Michael Katz, of ENSafrica, were asked to review SA Rugby's handling of the matter and the relevant labour law on the basis of the evidence at hand.

Their review confirmed that SA Rugby's Executive Council had appropriately applied its fiduciary duties and also advised that it would be an unfair labour practice to take action against an employee on perceptions of third parties or on the basis of a report of which the facts had not been tested in court.

They recommended that SA Rugby continued to employ Roux - as long as he performed satisfactorily.

In light of the opinion, the Executive Council confirmed their unanimous support for Roux. His performance in the role has been of an exemplary standard, during which time he has at no stage brought the game into disrepute.