Jurie Roux 'anxious' to clear his name

Jurie Roux wants to clear his name in light of a civil claim that he misappropriated funds.

FILE: Chief Executive Officer of the South African Rugby Union Jurie Roux addressing a press conference to announce Cape Town will host the South African leg of the World Rugby Sevens Series for the next four years in Cape Town on 20 March, 2015. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN - South African Rugby Union (Saru) CEO, Jurie Roux's lawyer, Frikkie Erasmus, said his client is 'anxious' to get to court to clear his name in light of a civil claim by his previous employers, the University of Stellenbosch, that he misappropriated funds to the tune of around R35 million while working there.

This follows a report from KPMG commissioned by the university which contains a number of allegations which Roux as yet has not been able to respond to.

A criminal charge in this matter was also laid in November 2013.

The university said in a statement, that any suggestion that they are not actively pursuing legal proceedings is not correct.

That after accusations that they had dragged its heels in producing additional documentation in the matter.

While Erasmus has told EWN Sport that they contend this and want it to move swiftly so that Roux can prove his innocence.

"It's certainly a frustration because Jurie would like to get into court to be able to ventilate all the matters that he's been accused of and with a delay obviously he doesn't get that opportunity. So we're anxious to get into court as soon as possible.

The two parties are set to be in court on 17 March to address the issue after a request in December for supplementary documentation as yet has not been forthcoming, with that particular matter to be decided on the 18 April.

Erasmus told EWN Sport , a realistic outcome for the case as a whole is a long way away.

"In terms of when the actual case will be heard, that I can't tell you. It could be two years or whatever because we're only in the initial stages."

Erasmus insists that despite the pressure Roux is under, which EWN Sport understands included a bid by President Oregan Hoskins to have him suspended pending the investigation, he's carrying out his duties as normal.

"Jurie is a very professional person and he's focusing on his job and doing an excellent job so it's not affecting his job at all."