SA romance drama hits box office records

The movie started its local box office run in record-setting fashion with nearly R2m in the first 3 days.

The official poster for the movie 'Happiness is a Four-Letter Word'. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG - The South African romance drama hitting box office records Happiness is a Four-Letter Word has soared past a number of Oscar winning films with R5 million in receipts.

The movie started its South African box office run in record-setting fashion with nearly R2 million in the first three days on the cinema circuit.

The production team released a statement this week saying, "Given that the film is scheduled in cinemas at the same time as four other films that recently won Oscars, we are pleased that audiences are supporting South African film. It reaffirms our faith in our audiences who have shown that they will support a South African production that resonates with them."

It continues to hold the number three ranking of the Top 10 films on circuit and is drawing in bigger audiences than recent Oscar winning films such as Spotlight, Room, The Danish Girl, _The Big Short _ and other strong Hollywood fare including Hail Caesar and 50 Shades of Black.

The team has confirmed that because of the audience support, Ster-Kinekor has added six more cinemas across the country to showcase the film.

The film is based on Cynthia Jele's award-winning novel and follows the story of three close friends and their search for happiness.