Sars boss 'not going anywhere'

Sars says its commissioner will not resign to resolve his dispute with Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

Sars commissioner Tom Moyane.

JOHANNESBURG - South African Revenue Service (Sars) says its commissioner Tom Moyane is not going anywhere and he will not resign to resolve his dispute with Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

Sars says claims that it leaked confidential information and that Moyane is trying to restructure the organisation for ulterior motives are a bid to discredit him.

Earlier this week, the Presidency said that a process is underway to resolve the difficulties in the relationship between Gordhan and Moyane.

Sars' Luther Lebelo says Moyane is going to stay put at the institution.

"The commissioner is not going to resign and he was appointed by the president. He serves at the behest of the president so he's not going anywhere."

Lebelo won't say what process is underway to resolve the dispute between Gordhan and Moyane.

"All the engagements that we want to have with the minister, we'll do them through the appropriate processes."

Sars also says the investigation into this unit was not started by Moyane, but by former acting Sars commissioner Ivan Pillay.

But Pillay seems to have had permission from the then finance minister Trevor Manuel to go ahead with that process, while Moyane appears to be openly defying Gordhan's order to stop the restructuring.

He hasn't explained why it's so important to go ahead with it, despite Gordhan's instruction.

That, however, doesn't fully explain why Moyane suspended Pillay after the findings of the Sikhakhane Panel of Inquiry, when the panel said it made no findings against Pillay.

He adds they're upset with Manuel following his comments about Moyane.

When asked for his views on what to do about the issue, Manuel said he would simply craft a letter of dismissal for Moyane.


As Sars says its restructuring process is only about making the institution more efficient, questions are being asked about whether senior experienced staff have left the revenue service because they're unhappy with the process.

Yesterday Sars broke its silence in the dispute between Gordhan and Moyane, disputing claims it's been leaking confidential information.

Last week Gordhan said it was outrageous that Moyane was going ahead with the restructuring, despite his order to stop the process.

Lebelo says claims that senior staff are leaving the institution because they're unhappy with these changes are simply damaging.

" It's the narrative that there was an operating model and people jumped out because they were excluded. None of the Sars employees left in the previous month or left as a result of this."