Stone Sizani quits Parly to become Ambassador to Germany

He stepped down today, with the ANC saying there’s nothing sinister around his sudden resignation.

African National Congress (ANC) chief whip Stone Sizane during an answering of questions session in Parliament, Cape Town, 11 March 2015. Picture: EPA/NIC BOTHMA/POOL

JOHANNESBURG - Former African National Congress (ANC) National Assembly Chief Whip Stone Sizani has confirmed he's resigned from Parliament to take up his new role as an Ambassador to Germany.

Sizani stepped down this afternoon with the ANC, saying there's nothing sinister around his sudden resignation.

The party's Moloto Mothapo says, "The fact is that he has been deployed and he has then to resign with immediate effect, so that he can take up his new position with immediate effect."

The former chief whip has been at the forefront of Defending President Jacob Zuma in Parliament amid claims he benefited from government's spending on his home at Nkandla.

He says he was informed of his redeployment last Thursday.

"[Saying with] immediate effect is a bit drastic because the secretary general informed me on Thursday, and we had to tidy up all the things we needed to do."

He says his redeployment is not the result of poor performance.

"You have to go to college; I will be going for training for ten weeks before I go. I couldn't have done that simultaneously as the chief whip, so I had to resign and go there."

Sizani says he is happy to step into his new role.

"I'm pleased to hear that people are happy with my performance. At least nobody is going to say that they are dumping me in Germany as an Ambassador because I know South Africa respects Germany, therefore they would not put rejects there."