SANParks ‘devastated’ by aftermath of poisoned elephant carcass

More than 100 vultures, two lions and two jackals had died from ingesting the poisoned carcass.

More than a hundred vultures at the Kruger National Park have died. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - The Kruger National Park is investigating whether any more of its animals have been poisoned.

Poachers shot an elephant, removed its tusks and then laced the carcass with poison.

By the time the carcass was discovered on Saturday, more than a hundred vultures, two lions and two jackals had also died.

The park says it is now trying to establish which poison was used and it's working to track down the poachers.

SANParks' Reynold Thakhudi says, "We are quite devastated that this a high number of vultures are affected by this carnage. This single incident can affect hundreds of other species, including the vultures themselves. It is diminishing their ecological role, [such as] breeding and all those other aspects."