Nando's forensic expert slams Ipid, Saps over deadly shooting investigation

A forensic expert was hired by the fast food giant to look into a shooting involving its employees.


CAPE TOWN - A private forensic science consultant has slammed an investigation into a deadly shooting involving police officers in Dunoon in Cape Town.

A woman was killed when police opened fire on a taxi in the area last week, with officers reportedly thinking the vehicle had been used in a robbery.

The taxi was transporting a group of Nando's employees after their shift.

Forensic Expert David Klatzow has been hired by the fast food giant to look into the shooting. He claims investigators are dragging their feet.

"It would appear, from the early days, that both Ipid and the police have done very little to investigate. They have blocked our attempts and have been completely uncooperative with us; which is unacceptable. We want answers. To our knowledge, the people who did the shooting haven't even been suspended."

Meanwhile, Ipid's Robbie Raburabu says the investigation is at an early stage.

"We wouldn't say that he contacted us, but even if supposed to he was to contact us currently. All what we have done so far, we have attended the post-mortem as part of the investigation and we are still waiting on the police with regards to [a report on] the circumstances around the shooting."