‘Minister Masutha biased against Janusz Walus’s parole’

Walus's legal team has argued that Masutha’s decision is due to political prejudice and interference.

Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Michael Masutha. Picture: GCIS.

PRETORIA - Janusz Walus's legal team has argued in the High Court in Pretoria that Justice Minister Michael Masutha has been biased against their client, asking the court to make a decision on his application for parole and not refer it back to the Masutha.

Walus, the man who killed South African Communist Party (SACP) leader Chris Hani in 1993, has turned to the court in yet another parole attempt.

While the parole board has given the Polish-born man the green light to be freed, the minister refused and called for further dialogue with the SACP and the Hani family - both are against Walus being freed.

Advocate Roelof du Plessis has argued that Masutha's decision not to grant his client parole is solely because of political prejudice and interference.

Du Plessis says in terms of the law, the Justice Minister is supposed to take no more than 90 days after a parole board's recommendation to make his decision on an offender's freedom.

He says so far, it's taken the minister a year to come back with a decision.

"Time has come for Mr Walus to be placed on parole. It's a fair, right and just thing to do."

Walus's advocate says it is for this reason that they will submit to the court that the matter not be referred back to Masutha, but for the court's decision to be final.

Chris Hani's wife, Limpho is in court with other family members and SACP Leader Solly Mapaila.