DStv customers to fork out even more from April

MutliChoice announced that the prices of its popular bouquets will rise by between 8% and 10% on 1 April.

Picture: espensorvik/Flickr.

JOHANNESBURG - Sanral's increased tariffs for e-tolls, Nersa announced a 9.4 percent tariff hike and MultiChoice announced its annual price increases for the year as well, it seems virtually everything is going up.

MutliChoice announced that the prices of its most popular bouquets are to rise by between 8% and 10% on 1 April 2016.

Duncan McLeod, Editor of TechCentral, says DStv's decision to hike prices is one of the examples of the impacts of the sharp de-evaluations in the value of the South African currency.

"A lot of DStv's content is based overseas so it buys it in dollars and euros. Its operating costs have increased substantially over the past year so it's seeking to pass on some of those increases in subscription fees in the various bouquets it offers."

LISTEN: McLeod on latest DStv increases.

Asked if the satellite service isn't taking a risk by increasing prices, McLeod conceded that it's risky.

"For the first time South Africans have the option of pay per view. For example there was the launch of Netflix at the beginning of the year. We have other local services which are priced in the region of R99, Showmax which is owned by Naspers, is also a streaming service which is doing well."

McLeod however said there won't be a lot of cancellations especially amongst sports lovers.

"If you want access to sports you have no option but to fork out. The people at the top of the market will pay this fee to get access to sports and entertainment but later there will be pressure felt by the people who are on compact with an 8,2 percent increase."


People took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the price hike:

DSTV has us trapped like pic.twitter.com/6WrrR5hDYw

So DSTV is increasing prices to make us watch the same thing 1984373926 times?

Dear DSTV.

You should repeat the same payment every year Like they repeat movies every day.

Yours sincerely

Angry Customer

Electricity and dstv prices are going up. Lobola cows are dying of drought. God bless SA.

I'm still traumatised by lucky star being R17 now DSTV ain't being loyal. ..but it never was fam. 😴😩

With #dstv hiking prices to show us repeats, I'm going back to the old days. pic.twitter.com/ENap1X1QJn