#ZephanyNurse case postponed

The accused maintains she thought she was legally adopting Zephany Nurse.

The accused in the Zephany Nurse trial makes her way to the Western Cape High Court. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Judge John Hlophe has postponed proceedings in the Zephany Nurse case until next Monday for the State to question the accused.

The State prosecutor is indisposed this week.

The woman accused of kidnapping Zephany appeared on the stand in the Western Cape High Court earlier today and maintained she thought she was legally adopting the child.

The Lavender Hill woman is on trial for allegedly snatching Zephany from her sleeping mother's arms in 1997.

She has pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping, fraud and contravening sections of the Children's Act.

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The accused appeared calm as she recounted her version of events around her apparent adoption of Zephany.

She says she met a woman at Tygerberg Hospital who offered her fertility medication.

She told the court the woman, known only as Sylvia, also mentioned she could help her adopt a child. The accused says she received a baby wrapped in a blanket in April 1997 from an unknown woman.

She has testified the woman told her the baby was from Sylvia.

The accused says she suspected something was wrong as she didn't receive any adoption papers.

Later, she broke down into tears in court after detailing the day when social workers told her she couldn't see her daughter again.

Proceedings had to be adjourned.

The accused is currently not allowed to see Zephany.

The 51-year-old woman has denied ever setting foot inside Groote Schuur Hospital.


Zephany's biological father, Morne, says he doesn't feel sorry for his daughter's alleged kidnapper after she broke on the witness stand.

Outside court, Morne said he feels no sympathy for her as she's only now experiencing the loss he felt for almost 18 years.

"The emotions that she is feeling now… we've been feeling it for 18 years. I think it's time for her to feel what it feels like."

The State will cross examine the accused when the trial resumes next Monday.

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