Archbishop Thabo Makgoba backs Pravin Gordhan

Makgoba says he believes in the ability of Finance Minister Gordhan to turn SA's situation around.

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba. Picture: Facebook.

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba has urged South Africans to come out in support of those who are trying to revitalise the country's economy.

In a statement released yesterday Makgoba said he believed in the ability of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan to turn the situation around.

He and other religious leaders met the minister and his team last week following his Budget speech.

Archbishop Makgoba has urged South Africans to back the efforts made by Minister Pravin Gordhan, his team and President Jacob Zuma.

Makgoba also welcomed Zuma and the African National Congress's confidence in Gordhan.

He says the struggle over the use of public funds in government should not be viewed simply as a factional battle within the ruling alliance.

The cleric says the country's economy should be guarded against a small clique of politically-connected families who seek to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor.