ANC & alliances call for action against violence instigators at universities

A group at the UP is demanding that Afrikaans be scrapped as a language of instruction.

FILE: 'Afrikaans Must Fall' scrawled across a wall at the University of Pretoria amid protests over its language policy. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The African National Congress (ANC) in Gauteng, its alliance partners and AfriForum have called for action against the perpetrators of violence and intimidation at higher education institutions, especially at the University of Pretoria(UP).

This week students at the institution clashed due to language policies, with one group demanding that Afrikaans be scrapped as a language of instruction.

A meeting held by Gauteng officials of the ANC, its alliance partners and with AfriForum lead to an agreement that one language must not be trampled on and all indigenous languages be developed instead.

The ANC in Gauteng's Hope Papo says only a small group of students encouraged the violence on campus which will not be tolerated by parties.

"The parties agree that without decisive and strategic leadership by parties on the university campus, the situation has the potential to polarise the university along racial lines, and create a deep seated grievance that may continue to pose a real danger to future stability and unity of the university."

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The party says transformation of universities must happen through dialogue and not by violence.

This week, other students clashes took place at the University of the Free State and the North West University regarding language and race related matters.

Protests at the North West University saw student's torching an administration building to voice their anger.

Papo says students must never think violence is the norm to get what you want.

"It cannot be normal that you can do as you like and think there won't be consequences; there has to be consequences for violence and intimidation. That is why we are calling on universities that anybody who is incites violence, the university must open a charge and the university must act."