eTV, eNCA staff ‘free to join union of their choice’

eMedia Investments has denied claims it’s preventing employees from joining any trade union.

eNCA news channel logo. Picture: eNCA Facebook page

JOHANNESBURG - eMedia Investments, the company that owns eTV and eNCA, has denied claims that it's preventing employees from joining any trade union.

Yesterday the African National Congress (ANC) called on the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) to intervene and defend workers at the television broadcaster whom the party says are victims of a constitutional violation.

Employees claim there's an anti-union sentiment at work which has seen multiple attempts to form a workers union shut down.

eMedia Investments claims it has told its employees multiple times they are free to join a trade union of their choice.

It has rubbished reports that it's preventing workers from starting a forum as well as claims that it fired one of its staff members for encouraging his colleagues to join the body.

However, a letter of grievance sent by a group of employees accuses the company of still refusing to recognise their union despite several attempts to engage with management.

Those pushing for the formation of the union say it's the only means for employees at eNCA and eTV to address alleged unfair treatment.

But the company says nobody is standing in their way.