Group ‘causes a stink’ at UCT’s upper campus

The university says a small group of people flung sewage in five buildings on the campus.

The University of Cape Town upper campus. Picture: Wikimedia Commons

CAPE TOWN - Several buildings on University of Cape Town (UCT) upper campus have been strewn with sewage.

In a statement on its website, the university says small groups of people entered five buildings during the early hours of this morning and flung sewage in them.

The Chemical Engineering Building, the Robert Leslie Social Science and Robert Leslie Commerce buildings are among the five.

Cleaners were deployed to the affected areas early this morning.

The institution says campus security and traffic officers are monitoring all entrances to UCT to ensure safe access for students and staff members.

A week ago, demonstrators went on the rampage, torching and stoning two Jammie Shuttle buses.

Paintings were also burned as students vented their anger over a shortage of residence accommodation.

Tensions erupted when police were called in to disassemble a mock shack that had been erected on campus.

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