Situation in Parkwood tense amid demolition of illegal structures

There's a tense standoff between Parkwood residents and officers who demolished illegally built structures.

A man shows his wounds after being shot with rubber bullets by the police who were demolishing illegally built structures at Parkwood. Picture: Siyabonga Sesant/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - There's a tense stand-off between Parkwood residents and law enforcement officers who are in the area to demolish illegally built structures.

According to the community, at least 85 structures were torn down.

Residents say they were not given any notice to break down the structures themselves.

Dozens of community members, consisting mainly of young boys, threw stones and other objects at law enforcement officials positioned along the road.

Streets were littered with burning tyres, rocks and the empty casings of stun grenades.

At least five people have been hit by rubber bullets

The community says law enforcement officials torn down their structures without consultation.

Some say they've been on the housing list for more than a decade.


A young boy and an elderly man are among the Parkwood community members hit by rubber bullets during clashes between protesters and authorities this afternoon.

Two demonstrators have been arrested in a fight some protesters seem intent on winning.

Dozens of demonstrators seem unfazed by law enforcement officials firing rubber bullets.

Community members say at least two people have been rushed to hospital.