Tuks SRC supports language policy review

A group protesters yesterday demonstrated, calling for Afrikaans to be scrapped as a medium of instruction.

Demonstrating students and the police have clashed at the University of Pretoria’s main entrance, where several students have also been arrested on 19 February 2016. Picture: Barry Bateman/EWN.

PRETORIA - The University of Pretoria's SRC says it supports a review of the institutions language policy and has condemned the violence there.

Yesterday, a group of about 200 students gathered at the university's main gate in Hatfield where police fired volleys of rubber bullets and the students threw stones.

The group is demanding that Afrikaans be scrapped as a medium of instruction.

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The SRC's Donovan du Plooy says university management should quickly address concerns related to the language policy.

"Why does Afrikaans remain a language of instruction but a black language doesn't? We understand that historically Afrikaans has had an advantage, it was a superior language back in apartheid, but this is not apartheid."

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)'s Lungile Sonwabo says too much money is spent catering for Afrikaans.

"That money can be used for bursaries and residences, because they always complain that we can't accommodate more people - but there's still money used to cultivate Afrikaans."

A review of the language policy is currently being conducted.

Meanwhile at Wits University - after a day of protest and the arrest of 14 students, the university has deployed more private security to protect staff, students and the institution's property.

The arrested students have been charged with the illegal occupation of an admin building, attempted arson, malicious damage to property and setting a mattress alight at a university library.

While fingers have been pointed at the 'Fees Must Fall' movement for the torching of a university bus in Parktown this week, members have distanced themselves from the incident.

The movement's Busisiwe Seabe says, "'Fees Must Fall' does not know who burnt the bus. The individuals that were arrested are not part of that incident."

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